Support at the Clinique du Lac: much more than a simple operation  

Cosmetic surgery is no longer a mystery to the patient. In addition to his/her operation, he/she wants a moment to his/herself, the patient wants to be lulled to sleep in an atmosphere that promotes well-being.

The Clinique du Lac at Aix-les-Bains more than a simple operation, it provides a real framework of well-being in harmony with the lake and purity of the air.

This framework is ideal for enabling the patient to store the maximum amount of energy he or she needs for every stage of the stay.


Clinique-du-Lac-make-an-appointment-onlineEach patient is unique with guaranteed discretion throughout his/her stay. If he/she so wishes, the patient will not come into contact with another patient and will relax quietly in one of the post-operation rooms.

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