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The inner arm face lift

Practical information:

  • type: enables excess skin to be removed and redraped
  • anaesthetic: local or neuroleptanalgesia
  • length of the operation: 1 hour 30 minutes
  • stay: outpatient
  • social isolation: 2 days

Advantages: helps eliminate the wrinkled appearance, allows you to show your arms. 



Recurring actions and regimes act on the skin of the posterior area of the arms. This is why there is much more sagging of the skin than excess fat. Liposuction alone is not sufficient to correct excess skin at this point and it is essential to retighten the skin to improve this improve this flaw. This is what we refer to as an inner face lift of the arm (or brachial lift). The purpose of the operation is to remove the excess skin, reduce the underlying fat infiltration and redrape the whole. Specifically the technique involves an incision in the inner length of the arm to remove the excess skin, possibly combined with liposuction. In some cases the incision may be limited to the armpit area.

It should be noted that the medical insurance policy does not cover this operation, apart from in exceptional cases of bariatric surgery (flaws associated with obesity), which can be covered under special conditions.


The surgeon proceeds to make a precise clinical assessment in order to select an operation that is suitable for each individual case: type of incision, need to lipo-aspirate during the same operation or not. During the first consultation he explains to the patient in detail the operation procedure, the postoperative phase and the results that it is possible to obtain. He will pay particular attention to informing the patient about the scar and its positioning. The preoperative assessment is carried out to ensure that no contraindication will be jeopardising the operation. In the case of a vigil or general anaesthetic, a consultation with the anaesthetist is planned two days before the operation at the latest.

To avoid any healing problems the patient is advised to stop smoking at least one month before and one month after the operation. It is strictly forbidden to take drugs containing aspirin in the ten days preceding the operation. Six hours before the operation it is essential to have an empty stomach (no liquid or solid food) for certain forms of anaesthetic.


The anaesthetist and surgeon will consult the patient to select a suitable anaesthetic. This operation may be conducted either under vigil anaesthetic (local anaesthetic accompanied by tranquillisers administered intravenously) or under a general anaesthetic, under a simple local anaesthetic for in certain situations.

Hospitalisation during outpatient treatment or short hospitalisation is possible: admission the evening before or the same day with a discharge always preceded by several hours of observation.

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