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There are several teeth whitening techniques. The Clinique du Lac in Savoie offers you an effective, fast formula without pain and without risks. The active ingredient, with a carbamide peroxide base (whitening) activated by a blue spectrum cold light source, allows the removal of stains and yellowing due to ageing and consumption of dyed food or even tobacco. Your teeth will be visibly whiter after a single treatment of only 20 minutes.

This method gives fast results and is more effective than the traditional procedures accessible to the public. Quite obviously the results depend on the condition of your teeth and causes of the discoloration of your teeth.

This technique is safe and in no way harms the structure of your teeth and gums. The whitening procedure simply removes the stains by a tried and tested method that has been used for a number of years in several countries. The formulation adheres strictly to the safety criteria formulated by the European Union Scientific Committee on Consumer Products.



Any adult with healthy, but stained teeth can receive the whitening treatment. You are advised to contact your dentist before undergoing the treatment, particularly if you have sensitive teeth, oral infection, painful gums, defective dental restorations, gingivitis, loose teeth or other periodontal diseases.

The treatment is no intended for people wearing fixed total prostheses (bridges, multiple crowns) on whom the treatment would have no effect. Although there is no known contraindication to the teeth whitening procedure, we recommend that pregnant or breastfeeding women, people suffering from cancer or undergoing chemotherapy, forego the treatment as a precaution.


The more homogeneous a colour the tooth has the more convincing will be the result. The improvement may be anything from 4 to 20 tones clearer in a single treatment. Yellow teeth are whitened more easily than grey teeth and a white colour is therefore more easily achieved by the end of treatment. The colorations due to taking antibiotics (tetracycline) or a shock react with greater difficulty to the whitening procedure.


The treatment is safe and painless. The method proposed uses a formula specially developed to preserve the teeth and gums. In some cases the treatment may give rise to temporary sensitivity of the teeth and gums (heat sensation, mild tingling).

This possible sensitivity varies individually and is caused by the disinfecting effect of the active ingredient contained in the gel. In all cases any discomfort is only mild and transitory and disappears completely within a few hours after treatment.

One or two small white patches or sensitivities may occur, but these are only temporary and disappear within the space of 12 to 24 hours. If necessary a mouthwash or brushing with a fluorine toothpaste (or for sensitive teeth) may alleviate these effects.

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