The Alpine landscapes along the shores of Lake Bourget provide the setting for the opening of the Clinique du Lac this summer of 2014. This private establishment, located on the fringes of the famous spa town of Aix-les-Bains, offers comprehensive know-how fully dedicated to cosmetic beauty treatments.
The practitioners comprising the medical staff are doctors of medicine, surgeons specialising in Reconstructive and Cosmetic Surgery.
However, the establishment also offers its technical platform and know-how to all plastic and cosmetic surgeons wishing to treat their patients under optimum conditions.

Vue sur le lac

In fact the Clinic has a state-of-the-art technical platform.

An adequate surgical structure for all types of operation:

• 3 operating blocks equipped with state-of-the-art technologies
• 2 blocks suitable for standard operations
• 1 block for less robust operations

A technical platform of medical lasers:

• Depilation lasers
• Photorejuvenation lasers
• Vascular lasers
• Surgical lasers

The Clinique du Lac operates in compliance with the standards currently applicable to offer a high quality reception and a medical state of the art that is constantly renewing itself. Hospitalisations are carried out in strict conformity to accepted anaesthetic aftercare, with a minimum of social exclusion and a rapid return to independence for the patient. Furthermore, since the Clinic is dedicated to cosmetic patients, it does not receive patients who are will and the risk of nosocomial infections is therefore limited.

4 Le hall d'entrée

Equipped with private rooms and premium quality care spaces, the Clinique du Lac is above all a centre of care, quiet and rest. Confidentiality, discretion and tranquillity are, without any deviation, the precise points for which the team has a deep respect.