Micrograft FUE : Your online diagnosis

Micrograft FUE : your online diagnosis

The Clinique du Lac offers you an online diagnostic service for hair transplantation. This first consultation is a good way to give you an orientation as to the possible solutions in your case. This diagnosis does NOT replace a medical consultation. The data you enter is strictly confidential and will only be used to provide you with the best information about your care. Your personal data and photos will therefore not be passed on to third parties. All fields marked with * are required.

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    Neograft 2.0

    Clinique du Lac is pleased to present its new equipment, the latest technology in the field of hair grafting: Néograft 2.0.

    NeoGraft® is the world’s leading hair restoration technology with its revolutionary Follicular Extraction (FUE) and Automated Implantation System. The procedure does not leave a linear scar, is minimally invasive and allows a rapid recovery of the patient.

    The benefits for patients from the use of Neograft 2.0 mainly resides in:
    – Minimally invasive, no linear scar
    – Permanent, natural in appearance
    – Fast recovery time

    Medical treatment for
    – Any type of hair
    – eyebrows,
    – beard.