Belly surgery


Practical information: type:remove excess skin and fat from the stomach (small waist) anaesthetic: general length...


Practical information: type: fat suction anaesthetic: assisted local anaesthetic, neuroleptanalgesia or general anaesthetic length of...

Presence of excess of fat on the belly? Excess of skin after pregnancies? Prominent belly button judged unaesthetic? The reasons leading to a belly surgery are numerous. The goal: make the belly more beautiful for it to be in harmony with the figure. Despite the aesthetic aspect, it is a real comfort, whose psychological benefits are important, especially self-esteem.

What is the belly surgery?

Also known as abdominal plasty or abdominoplasty, it aims to improve the appearance of the abdominal zone. It targets people who desire a belly surgery and correct a loosening or loss of tonicity of the skin of the belly. This surgery also includes the ombilicoplasty, which remodels the size or shape of the belly button.

What are the different types of intervention of belly surgery?

The Clinique du Lac has several formulas:


The weight fluctuations, pregnancies, a hormonal malfunction, aging can cause a disgraceful belly. The plastic surgery of the belly removes the skin excess, the belly fat and the stretch marks. There are several techniques for abdominoplasty: abdominal liposuction, mini-abdominoplasty and complete abdominoplasty. After a study of your morphology and motives, your practitioner at Clinique du Lac guides you and explains to you the best technique that applies to you. Thanks to recent surgical progresses in this domain, the patients appreciate the results of making the belly more beautiful. It is important to precise that the intervention is in addition of a global healthy lifestyle and athletic activities.

Ombilicoplasty, belly button surgery

Disgraceful piercing scars, congenital malformations, weight loss leading to a deformed belly button… many reasons to get it. This intervention improves the appearance of the belly (its shape and size). It is often done in addition of the abdominoplasty. It is interesting to see how the practice of this intervention increased over the last few years. 

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