Our wellbeing is generated by our diet, whether it is psychological, mental, physiological and physical. Learning how to better eat and adopting good nutrition habits is very important to stay in shape. It is also very important for people who want to lose weight or want to be healthier. The Clinique du Lac is there to explain everything to you and guide you in your nutrition approach.

What is nutrition?

Nutrition is a science that allows the human being to stay healthy or to retrieve it. The concept is to learn to “better eat”, thanks to an adapted dietary rebalancing and personalized nutrition advice. It is not necessarily considered a diet, but more a consistent learning process to select in a smart way the aliments based on their nutritional value and what you need.

What are the different interventions for nutrition at Clinique du Lac?

– Chrononutrition : 
Chrononutrition is a technique to adapt your way of feeding yourself by taking into consideration your biological clock. At the Clinique, we define an individualized dietary program to help you lose weight, optimize your digestion or simply help you in a general rebalancing.

– Food supplements : 
Some nutriments cannot be brought by nutrition or too little of it. Some people end up being deprived, which brings negative effects on your health. Here at the Clinique du Lac we define a supplement nutritional program based on food supplements. 

– Luxopuncture : 
Luxopuncture is an old technique inspired by the traditional Chinese medicine. A small infra-red-light measuring tube acts on the body reflex points and corrects some of the physiological dysfunctions. This action can stop some of the compulsive behaviors, regulate the appetite, improve sleep or reduce the stress. It is not excluded to associate luxopuncture with a dietary rebalancing to lose weight. 

You need advice on nutrition? You want to schedule an intervention? Contact our nutrition specialists at Clinique du Lac.