Photomodulation: leds

The working principle

This treatment uses the light emitted by diodes to stimulate the skin without heating it.

Its indications and effects vary according to colour, and hence the wavelength of the light used. .

The conquest of space has given rise to the development of this method when NASA used LEDs to improve the healing of injuries sustained by astronauts in a state of weightlessness.

Conditions of treatment

The sessions are short, totally painless, there are no side effects and they do not involve any absence from work.


Photomodulation allows the treatment of stretch marks, wrinkles, spots and redness of the skin, improves skin tone and stimulates hair re-growth. It is also used to promote healing, treat acne and psoriasis, vitiligo or herpes.

  • Stretch marks:

Light therapy stimulates skin elasticity without damaging the skin.

The treatment is more effective on recent stretch marks that are still red, which can almost disappear, but markedly reduces old white stretch marks.

By the second session the effects are quite evident, but it takes 3 to 5 sessions for permanent results to be achieved .

  • Wrinkles, fine lines and crow’s feet:

The emission of light by LEDs stimulates the production of collagen to fill the wrinkles and improve the texture of the skin. This is a cellular regeneration mechanism under the effect of photons emitted by the LEDs.

Actual “ironing out” of the skin is achieved.

  • Rejuvenation and radiance:

Often combined with microdermabrasion, peeling or fractionated laser, the light stimulates the fibroblasts and gives rise to rejuvenation of the skin (wrinkles, pores, spots, etc.).

  • Hair re-growth:

Cold monochromatic light  increases hair density and stimulates hair re-growth.

Hair follicles are stimulated by the photons and hair thickens and becomes more resistant.

After micro-grafts the re-growth is improved.

  • Acne:

Blue light acts on the excess sebum and the inflammation and reduces the acneic activity.

  • Psoriasis, vitiligo, herpes:

The LEDs stimulate cellular metabolism by activating the mitochondria of the cells.

  • Other beneficial effects:

Photomodulation improves healing after trauma or surgical intervention, alleviates sunburn pain and also has a de-stressing effect.