Skinbooster®: Hyaluronic Acid to Prevent Skin Aging

Preventing Photoaging

The ultraviolet rays of the sun cause damage to the skin. In addition to the appearance of pigment spots (sun damage), the skin becomes thicker, drier, and loses its elasticity (elastosis), which can lead to wrinkles, a “crumpled” appearance, and skin sagging. Studies have shown that up to 90% of signs of aging are due to the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays.

What is Skinbooster® ?

This treatment involves injecting a weakly cross-linked hyaluronic acid into the skin, specifically at the middle dermis level, to stimulate fibroblasts that will boost the synthesis of fundamental substances in the dermis, namely collagen, elastin, and endogenous hyaluronic acid. This overall stimulation improves the quality of the skin by acting on various parameters responsible for skin aging, including:

Delaying the appearance of first wrinkles
Giving radiance to the complexion
Increasing the elasticity and firmness of the skin
Reducing or correcting the “crumpled” appearance of certain mature skin
Skinbooster® is a cross between mesotherapy and filler injections.

Who is it for?

The loss of skin firmness and density begins to appear around 35-40 years old. This treatment will deeply hydrate the skin. It does not replace moisturizing creams, but complements them by hydrating deeply and stimulating natural collagen production. It can also be considered as part of an overall approach to wrinkle-filling injections.

This treatment is ideal for “wrinkled”, creased, dehydrated and sagging skin.

For young people:
Prevents skin aging
Makes the skin more toned
Delays the appearance of first wrinkles

For mature people:
Stimulates weakened skin
Repairs the damages of time

What areas can be treated with Skinbooster®?

Skinbooster® can be applied on the entire face (cheeks, forehead, eye area), neck (horizontal wrinkles), décolletage (fan-shaped vertical wrinkles), and the back of the hands.

It can also be used on the lips. In this case, the aim is not to reshape them to increase volume, but to deeply hydrate and plump them, preventing them from cracking and giving them a smoother, velvety appearance.

Skinbooster® hydrates and slightly redefines the contour of the lips.

Product used and injection technique

Skinbooster® is a weakly cross-linked hyaluronic acid, meaning that it does not have volumizing power, but has a strong hydrating power in depth and a great action on the density and tension of the skin. This is without modifying the volumes of the face for a very natural result.

The hyaluronic acid is injected either with a needle (by making multiple small injections spaced 1 cm apart) or with a cannula which allows the product to be deposited evenly in the dermis.

The presence of an anesthetic (lidocaine) mixed with the hyaluronic acid in the injection syringe improves the comfort of the injections.

Treatment protocol

Ideally, 2 to 3 sessions should be performed at 1-month intervals, followed by 1 session 6 months later. The frequency may vary depending on the skin type.

Close sessions will be performed after significant sun exposure (during summer vacations, mountain stays…), in case of heavy smoking, during cold winter months, and after menopause.

This way, the skin remains properly hydrated and ages less quickly.

Post-treatment care

There is no social avoidance after a Skinbooster® session. Only some bruises and slight swelling may persist for a few days.


Skinbooster® ensures hydration in the deep layers of the dermis.

After 2 to 3 sessions, the skin is more supple, softer, and fine lines are reduced because the skin is better hydrated. The complexion is more radiant and the facial features are less marked.

On the hands, the skin becomes more dense and the veins are less visible.

On the neck, the skin is less wrinkled and horizontal wrinkles are reduced.

On the cheeks, the “creased” appearance has almost disappeared.

The product lasts for about six months. To maintain long-lasting results, it is recommended to have maintenance sessions two to three times a year depending on the person’s skin texture.

At home

In order to extend the effects of Skinbooster®, it is recommended to use cosmetics based on hyaluronic acid and vitamin C which will prolong the effects of this treatment. Taking dietary supplements (rich in hyaluronic acid, collagen, omega 6…) is also recommended for a period of 1 to 3 months.

And to enhance the effects, you can practice microneedling, an anti-aging technique for revitalizing the skin using a roller with micro-needles, as well as photomodulation with LEDs.