Maxillofaciale Surgery

Still quite unknown from the general public, the maxillofacial surgery proved itself! As its name indicates; this surgical technique allows the reconstruction of the jaw, the face, the mouth or the teeth following a trauma or a disease. Inseparable from the stomatology, this discipline requires an in-depth knowledge of the different elements of the face. As a facial surgery expert, La Clinique du Lac will answer all your questions.

What is the maxillofacial surgery?

How to correct a deviation of the jaw or a malformation of the face? How to treat a facial fracture? The solution is quite simple: you need maxillofacial surgery! This kind of surgery treats diseases and traumas associated with the face. It regroups several branches such as the stomatology, which aims to improve your pro-facial well being, which means everything that involves your face and your dental health. 

Did you know… that the maxillofacial surgery was born during World War One? It is at that time that surgeons started new techniques to treat the face-wounded soldiers, known as the “broken faces” (les gueules cassées). Today, the maxillofacial surgeons are much more creative to make sure the result is as functional as aesthetic.

What are the different types of maxillofacial surgeries?

Several maxillofacial interventions are done nowadays by surgeons. The most common are:

The maxillofacial surgery of the jaw (orthognathic):

The maxillofacial surgery of the jaw, also called orthognathic, is a common practice aiming to treat the position of the jaw. It makes the face more harmonious, but it especially facilitates the everyday gestures such as deglutition. This intervention is often preceded by an orthodontic treatment follow-up. 

The dental implantology : 

The dental implantology is one of the techniques used to make up for missing teeth. It consists in inserting titanium devices in the bone to replace the missing root. Once healed and knitted, the implant can now support prosthesis.

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