Luxopuncture: to lose weight, stop smoking

Luxopuncture is an innovative method with compelling results. Weightloss, sleeping problems, quitting tobacco, stress, menopause symptoms… its applications are numerous. Just like acupuncture, luxopuncture can act on precise points thanks to infra-red light.

What is luxopuncture?

Luxopuncture, also called luxotherapy, is a reflex technique, which stimulates your energies by an infra-red light ray on certain acupuncture points. This re-establishes the functional balance of an organ, like the hormonal system, the digestive system, and the lymphatic system this painless and riskless stimulation can act on the hormonal imbalance. This reflexotherapy, real alternative to soft and natural medicine, is a derivative of traditional Chinese acupuncture.

Here are the principle applications:

  • Weightloss and slimming down (fix the compulsive food behaviors). The luxopuncture, for example, regulates the satisfaction sensation, balances the food disorders and behaviors, and manages a sugar addiction…
  • The quitting of tobacco (physical addiction and the psychological lack). Quitting smoking long-term is a real challenge that requires a support.
  • The inconveniences of menopause. Luxotherapy helps reducing the discomfort of menopause (hot flashes, fatigue, mood, water retention, excessive perspiration, sleep…).
  • Relaxation. Stress and sleeping problems can be solved through luxopuncture. Many patients can feel its anti-stress effect.

Luxopuncture: Practical Information

Depending on the targeted objective, it is necessary to do several sessions for a long-lasting result. Each one of them lasts approximately 30 minutes and is realized by a specialist trained to use the specific machine. It is advised to do more sessions every 6 months to preserve all the benefits. However, it is not suggested for pregnant women or people suffering from epilepsy to do a luxopuncture.

Luxopuncture: objectives and principles

The objectives of this treatment depend on what you wish to target. The luxopuncture for weightloss, or luxotherapy to slim down, aims at rebalancing the organism to reduce the compulsive behaviors towards food. For anti-stress, it will lead to a relaxing effect and get a better quality of sleep back. Regarding quitting tobacco, the luxotherapy will make you quit smoking by avoiding the situations of need during the quitting.

Before starting the luxotherapy sessions

It is important to start with a consultation-assessment to establish an adapted treatment program. This will determine how many sessions are required.

The process of a luxopuncture session

The medical device used by the practitioner is equipped with an end piece (in the shape of a stylus) producing an infra-red light. It is completely painless. The patient only feels a slight heat feeling. Comfortably installed, the patient relaxes during the session during which the end piece will be placed on the cutaneous zones or reflex points responding to the targeted objectives (weightloss, anti-stress…). The results can be appreciated from the first session, especially regarding the compulsive food disorders and the quality of the sleep. 

In the case of luxopuncture to lose weight, it is important to precise that a global support is strongly advised to assure long-lasting results. For example, a dietary rebalancing, a diet or a minima or a consultation with a nutritionist can be recommended.

Cost of luxopuncture for the weightloss of quitting of tobacco

You are questioning yourself about luxopuncture and its cost?

Tabacco: 250 € for 6 sessions

Menopause: 295 € for 7 sessions

Weightloss: 260 € for 6 sessions

After your consultation at Clinique du Lac, your practitioner gives you a detailed and personalized quote. Contact our team to make an appointment.