Anti-Stress Cure

Anti-stress Cure

In a calm and relaxing setting, the Clinique du Lac offers you an anti-stress cure:
2,5 days of care in the first week,
A half day for the next three weeks.

On the program of this cure:
Luxopuncture is a reflex technique, which stimulates your energies, by infrared radiation, on certain acupuncture points. This helps restore the functional balance of an organ, such as the hormonal system, the digestive system, the lymphatic system…
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Led/ Photomodulation
The photomodulation allows to treat stretch marks, wrinkles, spots and redness of the skin, to improve the complexion, to stimulate the regrowth of the hair. It is also used to promote healing, treat acne and psoriasis, vitiligo or herpes.
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Consultation anti-stress diet/ Chrononutrition
Chrononutrition is a form of nutrition adapted to everyone’s biological clock. The principle is to eat the right food, in good quantity, adapting the time of day according to his rhythm of life.
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