Baldness: micrografts FUE

FUE Hair transplant

Hair loss, baldness, alopecia, the empty zones of the head… It is not the end of the world. Nowadays, there are efficient surgical techniques to solve these problems. The FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) consists in taking transplants that will be transposed to the zones without hair. The results are natural and the scars are barely visible, even on shorter hair. Explanations.

What is FUE?

The FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) is a technique of treatment of partial baldness or hair density loss, which, as opposed to FUT (strip method), assures a natural aspect without visible scars. 

The swab of the bulbs is done with a motorized micro-punch – a diameter less than 1mm – in the temporal and occipital donor zones. After a test of their quality, the follicular units are re-implanted using micro-pliers or an implanter pen. Each unit contains 1 to 4 hair. 

FUE method: practical information

The FUE method is indicated when the patient starts losing his or her hair and that the zone needing implants is limited. It is also used to realize the finishing touches on the frontal line and the gulfs, after a FUT transplant. 

It is worth noting that the technique of FUE hair implants is more expensive than the FUT technique (strip method). Simply enough because it requires more time due to the time used to swab and implant the follicular units one by one by the surgeon. It is a true work of art. 

FUE hair: objectives and principles

The type of FUE hair transplant makes the hair implants on the empty zones of the scalp possible. The follicular units are extracted from the Hippocratic crown, at the back of the head, the only zone on the head on which the hair never falls down. The surgeon uses this zone to swab the transplants that will then be re-implanted on the targeted areas. Since the transplants coming from the Hippocratic crown keep their genetic memory, the patient will keep the re-implanted hair his/her entire life without risking a loss.

FUE: before the intervention

The expert at Clinique du Lac determines during the consultation the most adapted technique based on gender, age, origin of the loss, the desired budget, because for some people it is still needed to do the FUT method (strip method). 

The day of the FUE intervention, it is necessary to shave a big amount of the scalp so the surgeon can correctly extract and re-implant the transplants. 

FUE technique: type of anesthesia and hospitalization modalities

The procedure is painless. At first, the practitioner takes the swabs of the transplants and then implants them on the empty zone. Depending on the treatment, the procedure can last a few hours. 

After the surgery, there is no bandage. Maybe a post operatory edema can appear; it goes away after 3 to 4 days. 

The hair growth starts again 3 months after the intervention. The use of PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) allows a better grip and a quicker re-growth. It is an addition to the treatment that allows good results on both the swabbing zone and the hair implantation zone. 

FUE cost

Each FUE treatment is tailor-made; a consultation is necessary to evaluate the best intervention for the patient. After the tests, the practitioner at Clinique du Lac will give you a personalized and detailed quote. 

You are considering a hair FUE? Contact us without further ado at Clinique du Lac to schedule an appointment. Our hair transplant experts are at your service.