Medium Peel

Medium Peelings

Your skin is dull? You want to reduce your brown spots on your face or your scars caused by acne? The aesthetic medicine offers soft interventions, without using plastic surgery. It is the case of medium peeling, which reduces the cutaneous aging of the skin, erases its imperfections and brightens the face. The Clinique du Lac explains all the different stages of the face medium peeling.

What is the face medium peeling?

With an active principle such as trichlorac acid, the face medium peeling stimulates the elastic fibers and the collagen of the skin. This treatment reduces the pigmentary spots, the fine lines of the skin, the acne or the scars.

Medium peeling: practical information

The first signs of aging such as the loss of elasticity or the cutaneous loosening of the skin of the face appear at 30 years old. This is why the demand for medium peelings is observed for women and men ho are 30 years old and more specifically after 40 years old. The results of the medium peeling are visible a few hours after the intervention. Your skin gains brightness and retrieves an homogenous surface and color.

Face medium peeling: objectives and principles

The medium peeling improves:

  • The brightness of the skin and consequently reduce the dull tone 
  • The elasticity of the skin 
  • The quality of the skin: reducing the sebum excess and blackheads

The medium peeling reduces:

  • The cutaneous aging of the face 
  • The wrinkles and fine lines 
  • The pigmentary spots (hyperpigmentation)
  • The traces left by scars 
  • The colored ringed under the eyes
  • The red stretch marks 
  • Acne

Medium Peeling: what to do before the intervention?

During the consultation, a doctor from Clinique du Lac studies with you your skin type, its color, its elasticity to define the best peeling method and products for your epidermis. The practitioner will give you a list of cosmetics to use before the intervention. These creams prepare your skin, facilitate the penetration of the active principle during the act and optimize the benefits of medium peeling.

Face medium peeling: type of anesthesia and hospitalization modalities

The aesthetic medicine does not necessitate a surgical act. The intervention of a peeling lasts approximately 15 to 30 minutes. For an optimal result, it is recommended to do 4 to 5 sessions within 15 days in between each session.

Medium peeling: how does the intervention go?

During the medium peeling session, the doctor of the Clinique du Lac removes the make up on your face before, then cleans the face and removes the oil with specific products. He then applies the trichloras acid or glycolic acid on the entire zone, using specific compresses. The product lays on the skin for a few minutes to let the active principles act, then it is rinsed off. The practitioner can spray the face with thermal water and then apply a soothing cream. After the intervention, the patient must use a special cream to protect, heal and sooth his or her skin.