Superficial Peeling

Superficial peelings

Wrinkles, acne, scars, and brown spots… the skin of the face is very exposed and, with time, shows these aging marks. The solutions offered by the aesthetic medicine,: superficial peeling sessions have multiple benefits: reduction of the fine lines and wrinkling, exfoliation of spots, deep decrease of the wrinkles and especially the improvement of the quality of the skin and complexion.

What is superficial peeling?

It is an anti-aging medicinal act realized in a superficial manner thanks to the glycolic acid (fruit acid). The main action of the peeling is to stimulate the production of elastin and collagen with the help of different components suitable for each type of peeling. 

The glycolic acid stimulates the cell renewal and improves:

  • The cutaneous aging (wrinkles and fine lines)
  • The complexion and cutaneous elasticity
  • The moderated acne and the superficial scars
  • The diffused pigmentary irregularities
  • The lenities (old age spots)
  • The actinic seborrheic or pilaris keratosis
  • The folliculitis pseudos of the beard

For the superficial peelings, the practitioners at Clinique du Lac use the Neostrata products. This range without fragrance, without ingredients from animal origin is compatible with other techniques of rejuvenation. 

Neostrata® Skin Rejuvenation is a range of peeling made from fruits hydroxyacid, natural substances still called fruits acids, offering 4 concentrated options fitting different cutaneous problems. 

The Neostrata preparation and healing products are available at Clinique du Lac.

Superficial Peelings: practical information

During your consultation, your aesthetic surgeon guides you to find the best kind of peeling for your skin. He offers you a protocol of sessions by giving you a personalized quote. 

There are a few counter indications for the realization of a superficial peeling: 

  • Allergic to some components 
  • Pregnancy
  • Being tan
  • Aesthetic acts (laser, micro-dermabrasion)

The doctor determines these counter indications during the checkup done during the initial consultation.

Objectives and principles of superficial peeling:

It is thanks to the keratolytic action of the glycolic acid that the superficial peeling will improve the skin texture and give the complexion all its shine back. Depending on the indications, different assets will be associated, especially for the superficial peeling against acne. For an optimal result, 4 to 5 sessions are suggested within 15 days apart. 

Superficial Peeling: before the medical procedure

At first, it is important to prepare the skin to receive this medical procedure. Depending on the protocol planned by your practitioner, you will have to use a specific cosmetics list at home. This preparation of the skin has to start 15 days prior to the intervention. 

It is worth noting that sunscreen is vital before and after the peeling sessions.

Superficial Peeling: the intervention

The peeling session starts by a meticulous cleaning of the epidermis. The practitioner then applies the peeling product. Depending on the skin condition, he/she can repeat the action several times. The product is then neutralized and rinsed off before applying a special cream. 

During the sessions, you can feel a few slight inconveniences such as a sunburnt sensation, or maybe some diffused redness. These disappear within the next 2 hours. It is possible to put on make up at the end of the session. 

It is possible to go back to your professional and social activities the day after the superficial peeling session. The days following the intervention, a minor shedding can happen. It will not have any consequence as long as you let the skin peel naturally. 

After a peeling, you need to avoid scrubs, sun exposure and swimming pools.

Superficial peeling cost:

For a superficial peeling, the cost varies depending on what treatment is done and what products are used:

  • AHA (Neostrata of Galderma range): 90 € per session
  • Retinol 3 % (Neostrata of Galderma range): 230 € per session

All the peelings require a preparation using products that are not included in the price of the session. 

You want to know more about the superficial peeling? Contact our teams at Clinique du Lac to make an appointment!