Botulinum toxin

Botulinic Toxin Injection (Botox)

With age, wrinkles and fine lines appear on the face. The botulinic toxin injections are suggested in prevention and for the treatment of the aging of the upper part of the face. The muscles relaxants action of the botulinic toxin – commonly called botox – reduces the contraction of some muscles and diminishes the expression wrinkles, especially the intra-eyebrow wrinkles (Lion’s lines), the frontal wrinkles and the crow’s feet wrinkles. This aesthetic medicine intervention does not involve surgery and does not require an hospitalization nor anesthesia.

What is the Botox injection?

Commercialized under the name Vistabel or Botox, the botulinic toxin is a substance with a muscles relaxant effect. Introduced under-cutaneous through injections, this product reduces the muscles contraction, responsible on the long run for the appearance of some expression wrinkles (Lion’s line, frontal lines, crow’s feet lines). In aesthetic medicine, the botulinic toxin injections are recommended in the treatment of the wrinkles of the upper part of the face (forehead, intra-eyebrow zone, edge of the eyes). By relaxing the muscles, the botulinic toxin participates in opening the orbicular muscle and raising the eyebrow. Result: a brightened look and a rejuvenated face.

Botulinic toxin injection: practical information

The botulinic toxin is often used in the treatment of face aging. Ineluctable, this phenomenon is completely natural. With age, the skin cells don’t renew as quickly as they used to and the collagen production by the organism diminishes. Consequences: the skin slims down, becomes fragile and wrinkles appear. Some lifestyle factors such as tobacco, stress or deprivation of sleep can accelerate the cutaneous aging. 

The botulinic toxin injection does not require hospitalization, or anesthesia, as opposed to lifting. It is a non-invasive aesthetic medicine act. The results are comparable to a frontal lifting because the chemical denervation of the muscle replaces the surgical section/cut. However, the effects are limited with time. The product stays in place for approximately 5 to 6 months depending on the treated zone. For a lasting result, it is important to renew the injections or to consider a lifting. The plastic surgeons of Clinique du Lac guide you and give you all the information needed. 

Botox Injection: objectives and principles

Having one or several face Botox injections visibly reduce the expression wrinkles and prevent their appearance. These wrinkles are caused by the cutaneous aging and by the repetitive movements: frowning of the eyebrows, orbicular opening, wrinkling of the eyes. The botulinic toxin is injected between the junction of the nerve and the muscle, and reduces the contraction of the muscle. It is not about completely erasing the wrinkles but to visibly soften them for a rejuvenating effect. The botulinic toxin does not constitute a filling product as opposed to hyaluronic acid. However, it is possible to combine both products to multiply by ten the anti-wrinkles effects. 

The expertise of the surgeon practicing the Botox injection guarantees obtaining a natural result. The treatment must be gradual to avoid an ultra-correction  (frozen face effect). 

The botulinic toxin injection is also used in the treatment of perspiration

Injection: a medical act done without surgery

Based on the under-cutaneous injection principle, the treatment by botulinic toxin does not require hospitalization for the patients. It is an aesthetic medicine intervention, not a surgical operation. The absence of surgery facilitates the treatment protocol. The intervention is quick and is done without anesthesia in the Clinique du Lac. Once the injections are done, the patient can go back home and get back to their life following precautionary principles detailed by the doctor.

Botulinic Toxin Injection: process of the intervention

Here for you, our experts at Clinique du Lac welcome you for a first consultation. During this first meeting, these doctors give a precise diagnosis and define the treatment protocol (number of syringes, targeted zones). On the D-day, the patient is taken care of at the Clinique du Lac and comfortably laid down for the injection session. No anesthesia is necessary. An anesthetizing cream can be applied. With the help of a very thin needle, the practitioner practices the Botox injections on the forehead, around the eyes or in between the eyebrows depending on the targeted zone. The intervention itself can last a few minutes. 

Cost of the Botulinic Toxin injection

For one Botox injection syringe, the cost is 350 euros. The number of syringes used varies from one patient to the next. Depending on the corrective action necessary for your face and the desired result, the surgery and aesthetic medicine experts at Clinique du Lac establish a personalized quote.