Radiesse: Injections to fill wrinkles

Radiesse® Injection

There are several solutions to remodel, correct or make the face more beautiful without undergoing surgery. Radiesse injections are amongst these solutions. Clinique du Lac tells you everything about this non-surgical and almost painless intervention that erases the wrinkles, creates a lifting effect and redesigns the contours of the face. 

What is Radiesse® ?

Radiesse is an injectable implant that fills the folds, the wrinkles and globally redesigning the contours of the face. It is an aqueous solution made with calcium hydroxylapatite, a natural substance found in the organism. Injected with a syringe at very precise points of the face or the hands, Radiesse stimulates the collagen and elastin, two proteins essential for the good quality of the skin. 

Radiesse can also act on the fibroblasts, cells of the cognitive tissue present in the deep layer of the skin: the dermis. Radiesse stimulate these cells responsible for the coherence and flexibility of the dermis, favoring in this way a lifting and firmer aspect of the skin.

Radiesse® Injection: practical information

Radiesse is harmless for the organism because it is completely resorbable and biodegradable. At the end, it is completely eliminated by the organism. This is why these effects are temporary. However, for a Radiesse injection, the length of time for visible effects lasts for 1 to 2 years.  

Good to know: if Radiesse is essentially used to correct the disgraces of the face, especially the wrinkles, it can also be used to rejuvenate the top of the hands and give them firmness back. 


Radiesse® Injection: objectives and principles

This aesthetic medicine intervention acts on the numerous parts of the face such as the nose, the cheekbones, the cheeks, the nasolabial folds, the bitterness folds, the oval of the face or even the chin. On these targeted zones, the Radiesse injections then act as wrinkles filler or to soften some flaws (sunken, lumps, irregularities…).

The Radiesse injections on the face allow:

  • The filling of the wrinkles, like the one present on the bitterness folds, the rim of the lips, the crow’s feet, the lion’s line, the nasolabial folds…
  • To act against the loosening of the skin by giving volume back to the cheekbones or jowls. 
  • To fix the problems of the jaw’s symmetry
  • To correct a sunken chin or give volume back to a weak chin
  • To correct the lumps or irregularities of the nose
  • To reduce the sunken bags under the eyes

Radiesse® Injection: The intervention

Before each injection, the surgeons of Clinique du Lac take the time to listen to you. Radiesse injections in the cheekbones, the nose, the nasolabial folds… whatever zone is targeted, the surgeons will do everything to use the correct protocol to fix the disgraces that you wish to see disappear. After examining you and establishing their diagnosis, they will determine with precision where to do the injections and the number of injections necessary to obtain the best results; 

The Radiesse injection is a short intervention: approximately 30 minutes. They are almost painless. This is why the injection session can be done without anesthesia. However, surgeons at Clinique du Lac can use a local anesthetic with lidocaine to make the session more comfortable for the patient. 

The injections can lead to side effects such as redness or swelling near the treated zones but they only last 24 hours. 

Finally, it is also important to have in mind that the treatment, like every other treatment by filling product, can require some touch ups with time to obtain the desired correction.

Cost of Radiesse® injection

The cost at Clinique du Lac is 350 euros per syringe. If you are interested by this almost painless and non-surgical aesthetic medicine intervention, come talk to one of our experts at Clinique du Lac.