Centro-Facial Lifting: Cheek and cheek lift

Centro-facial lifting: cheeks and cheekbones

Falling eyelids, intense dark rings under your eyes, loss of volume on cheekbones, appearance of
jowls… signs of aging of the face caused by a slackening of the muscles and the skin. Often looked at
as disgraceful, these little imperfections can be corrected with plastic surgery.
Explanation of the intervention, objectives of the lifting of the cheeks, types of anesthesia for the
cheekbone liftings and cost… La Clinique du Lac gives you all the information needed before a centro-facial lifting.

  • Face Lifting: what is the centro-facial lifting?

The centro-facial lifting, or centro-maxillary lifting, is one of most frequently realized face liftings. It
creates a harmonious face and replaces the anatomic structures in a younger position. This surgical
intervention acts on the central part of the face, especially the hollow of the dark rings under the
eyes, the inferior eyelids and the cheekbones, but also on the naso-labial fold (vertical wrinkles that
go from the top of the nose to the mouth).

These signs of aging give the face a sad look and the impression of having a tired expression. To have
a good complexion, to feel good in your own skin or to look younger, it has become common to do
this kind of intervention.

Centro-facial Lifting: practical information

The intervention of the center of the face can be done on its own or in addition to other procedures.

The frequent face surgeries are: 

 – The cervico-facial lifting, wh-ich is done on the neck, the temples and the cheeks.
 – The centro-facial lifting, which acts on the hollow of the dark rings under the eyes, the
lengthening of the inferior eyelids qnd the volume of the cheekbones.

The appearance of aging signs on the face is a common phenomenon after 40 or 50 years old. This is
why the centro-facial lifting is mostly done before people turn 40 years old.

Centro-maxillary lifting: objectives and principles
You find your face disgraceful and you always look tired? This lifting will make your face look
younger. Numerous people appreciate this technique because it conserves a natural and harmonious

  • What you need to know before the intervention

La Clinique du Lac takes the time to find what is best for you. For this reason, there are at least two
pre-surgery meetings. During these meetings, a practitioner welcomes you and explains to you the
different aspects of the intervention. An appointment with an anesthetist doctor will be scheduled
two weeks prior to the operation.

To improve the healing of your skin after the surgery, we advise you not to smoke for 6 to 8 weeks
and not to take any aspirin for at least 15 days prior to the operation. You also need to come on an
empty stomach the day of the surgery.

  • Lifting of the center of the face: type of anesthesia and hospitalization modalities

There are two types of anesthesia for a centro-facial lifting:

– General anesthesia
– Deep local anesthesia (twilight anesthesia), the anesthetic medicine is administrated
The surgery is usually done ambulatory (the patient leaves the hospital the day of the procedure
after a few hours of surveillance). In some cases, it can be a 24hour procedure with overnight
surveillance at the clinic.

  • Cheek and cheekbone lifting: the intervention

There are different interventions for a centro-facial lifting that the surgeon undertakes depending on
the patient.
One to two incisions are required:

– The first one under the eyelashes by the inferior eyelid and can be elongated to the crow’s
feet (palpebral incision)
– The second incision is on the scalp and on the temple

Once the incisions done, the skin tissues are detached to the brim of the bone to be pulled up with
invisible permanent suspension thread. Then the surgeon removes the excess of skin on the inferior
eyelid. The surgery takes about 2 hours.

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