Fronto-Temporal Lifting: Brow and forehead lifting

Fronto-temporal lifting: forehead and eyebrows

With age, wrinkles start appearing naturally on the face, especially the forehead and the
eyebrows. These can be corrected by a plastic surgery intervention on the forehead called a
fronto-temporal lifting. La Clinique du Lac tells you all you need to know about this
procedure done on adults, men and women, that are 40 years old or older.

  • What is a fronto-temporal lifting?

Amongst the different lifting interventions possible, we can find the fronto-temporal lifting,
which is one of the most complete because it corrects both the wrinkles on the forehead and
those on the temporal region. The fronto-temporal lifting is composed of two distinct
interventions accomplished at the same time for a more optimal result.

  • The frontal lifting

This intervention necessitates to first do a frontal lifting, which leads to a lifting of the
eyebrows. It consists in correcting the small creases of the skin on the forehead, but also the
ones on the glabella (the space between the two eyebrows), which we often refer to as “The
lion’s wrinkles”.

  • The temporal lifting

We then do a temporal lifting located on the tail of the eyebrow, which is located at the
outside extremity of the eyebrow and on the crow’s feet located at the corner of the eye.

Aix les bains acide hyaluronique

Fronto temporal lifting: practical information

It is possible to correct the wrinkles on the forehead and eyebrows thanks to a botulinum
toxin injection. However, as opposed to a surgical intervention that corrects permanently,
the injection’s corrections only last 3 to 6 months.

After the surgical intervention, it is important to keep in mind that the aging of the face
keeps happening. This is why to fight the appearance of new wrinkles on the forehead or
eyebrows, other treatments can be put in place.
Finally, this intervention only includes one frontal lifting and one eyebrows lifting. To act on
other parts of the face, it is necessary to consider other interventions: blepharoplasty for the
superior eyelids, cervico-facial lifting for the neck and the cheeks… Ask one of our experts at
Clinique du Lac.

  • Forehead and eyebrows lifting: objectives and principles

The fronto-temporal lifting does not modify the face of the patient. The objective of this
intervention is to simply look younger. For that, we correct the disgraceful parts of the upper

– The lowering of the forehead that creates the horizontal wrinkles of the face
– The excess of skin on the superior eyelids caused by the lowering of the eyebrows
– The wrinkles between the eyebrows (wrinkles of the Lion)
– The wrinkles at the corner of the eyes

This intervention is mostly done under endoscopy, which means that a mini-camera is
inserted inside the patient’s body to follow the surgery from the inside via a screen and
accomplish very precise gestures. This technique has the advantage to largely diminish the
importance of the operation trauma and reduce the size of the scars.

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  • Temporal Lifting: before the intervention

Before the surgery, the Clinique du Lac’s specialists take the time to listen to you and make
sure this intervention will be what you want and need. They precisely examine your face in
its entirety to guide you to the best treatment. To conclude, they explain the process of the
intervention while taking the time to respond to every inquiry you may have.
It is recommended to the patient to quit smoking at least 1 month before and after the
surgery to limit the risks of scars delay. It is also forbidden to take aspirin up until 10 days
after the surgery to avoid the risks of non-coagulation of the blood.

  • Fronto-temporal Lifting: type of anesthesia and hospitalization modalities

This surgery is done in an operating room, under general anesthesia ou local anesthesia. If
the fronto-temporal lifting is the only intervention planned, it can be done in ambulatory
surgery and the patient can leave the same day.
Eyebrows and Forehead Liftings: the intervention
If every surgeon adopts his or her own technique based on each case, basic principles still
remain under multiple steps:

– The cutaneous incisions: 3 to 5 incisions of 5 to 10mm done on the scalp. One of
these incisions is used to insert the endoscope and the others to insert the surgical
– The detachment: the forehead and the temples are completely detached until the
eyebrows arch.
– The lowering of the muscles: we weaken the muscles responsible for the wrinkles.
– The recovering: we put the detached tissues back in tension thanks to the help of the
deep fixations.
– The suture: we stich the small incisions.

The duration of this kind of intervention varies depending on the importance of the
corrections to bring, but usually does not exceed 90 minutes.

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