Silhouette lift sutures

Practical information:

  • type: rejuvenation of the face by raising the tissues
  • anaesthetic: assisted local anaesthetic
  • length of the operation: 45 minutes in the operating theatre
  • stay: outpatient
  • social isolation: 2 days

Advantages: Fast, non-traumatic and without scars, this remeshing compensates for the moderate relaxation of the naso-labial folds and the bottom of the face (jowls).

Silhouette lift sutures are cone sutures, non-toothed, in polypropylene, a material used in cardiology and ophthalmology.


The use of silhouette sutures is required to compensate for relaxation of the facial tissues that occurs cutaneous elasticity and tonicity are altered. This ptosis may be due to age, excess exposure to the sun, heredity or the consumption of tobacco.

This operation, although surgical, is less burdensome than la lift. The operative technique consists in inserting 3 to 4 pairs of stitches provided at various points with tiny resorbable cones by making an incision of approximately 1 cm in the scalp. These sutures, passing underneath the facial skin, will anchor in the deep tissues and reshape the facial contours.

Characteristics of the LIFT silhouette sutures:

These sutures, in polypropylene, which are perfectly tolerated by the human body, have been used for a number of years in cardiology and ophthalmology.

The fibrosis around the sutures will give rise to a suspension mechanism that is much stronger than when traditional methods are used.

The Lift Silhouette Sutures have been awarded the CE certification and approval of the FDA (USA).