Dental implantology



Practical information:


  • typeartificial roots of biomaterials inserted directly into the jawbone
  • anaesthetic: assisted local
  • length of the operation: several hours
  • stay: several hours (outpatient)
  • social isolation: several days

The advantages: Durable, with the optimum result. You have lost or on the point of losing one, several or even all your teeth.

Implants may actually change your life.

There are various solutions for replacing missing teeth, subject to the technical, functional or aesthetic limits in the individual case, and any psychological effects on you.

Implants very often represent the therapeutic solution of choice.

Clinique du lac medecine esthetique

Technical data:

The purpose of resorting to a medical treatment is to improve or restore both function and aesthetics. Modern dental implantology enables these objectives to be achieved.

What is an implant?

Dental implants are small titanium devices inserted in the bone to replace the dental root of a natural missing tooth.

Titanium is a biocompatible material that will scar and weld on contact with the bone.. The osteointegration phenomenon, which takes between two to six months, depending on the implant clicks, then becomes functional. It is used both to support a fixed crown bridge prosthesis and to stabilise a detachable prosthesis.

The insertion of implants requires a prior scan to determine very accurately the exact volume and quality of the receiving site.

Once the treatment indication is established the implants are installed under local anaesthetic or general anaesthetic in the case of major rehabilitation.

What is an implant?

The dental implant is a small titanium device which serves to replace the dental root of a natural missing tooth. The implant will be placed in the upper or lower jaw, welds to the bone in time and will serve as a support to replace the tooth. This means that a dental implantation ensures a solid, durable support for the tooth replacement.

Aix les bains implantologie dentaire

Does it hurt?

A dental implant is fitted without trauma, and as a comparison the fitting of a dental implant is much less painful than a tooth extraction.

I have been told that I could not have a dental implant?

There is no age limit to receiving dental implants. In all cases a pre-implant examination is required for a personalised study to be conducted and for a prosthetic treatment that meets your needs to be provided. A dental scan may be considered to verify several elements (bone volume, infections, fracture of a root or impacted tooth …). As a general rule the number of implants varies according to the number of teeth to be replaced. An oral, and sometimes a clinical assessment must be scheduled before considering dental surgery and the fitting of dental implants.

I have been told that I do not have enough bone?

In the event that there is not enough bone there are alternative solutions such as filling the missing osseous volume  with a substitute, i.e. using short implants.

Is that certain?

Rigorous, well considered and controlled protocols guarantee that the work will be carried out properly with approximately 95% success. If this is not the case this will merely delay the initial treatment plan.

It is possible, under certain conditions, to obtain new teeth in the same day or the day afterwards. Strict, tested surgical protocols associated with clinical challenges and the most recent technological advances enable us to offer this type of treatment.

This necessitates a prior study and this type of operation is open to anyone. The predictability of this treatment also has its advantages.

In some very specific cases modern implantology validates the conducting of the implant fitting graft and the immediate installation of dentures. This procedure is made easier under general anaesthetic.

With one or two consultations it is possible to schedule a surgical operation and give the patient new teeth on the same day.

Contact our team to obtain more information.

There are of course alternative solutions to dental implants, such as a dental bridge, a partial denture, a total or partial cast denture, and many others. Do not hesitate to ask for more information from our dental surgeon.

Candidates for the dental implant?

Whether you are missing a single tooth or all your tooth, implants may be a good solution in your case. The dental implant can give fantastic results. If you lack bone height, a sinus elevation or graft may then be necessary. If you wear a small bridge or detachable device, implants will be a good alternative. We can carry out all these procedures under a general anaesthetic or under sedation.

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