Genioplasty: Cosmetic chin surgery

Genioplasty ?

To have a weak or too long chin can alter the harmony of your face, but it can also have consequences on the functionality of your organism 5respiratory, etc…). The genioplasty is an aesthetic surgery of the chin that can modify its appearance to obtain a result that fits with the position and the size of your forehead and your nose.

What is the genioplasty?

The genioplasty, also called mentoplasty, is a common intervention that corrects the shape or position of the chin. The surgeon will model the lower part of the face to lean it forward or backwards depending on the issue. This surgery technique is often indicated for people who have a chin anomaly and who face functional issues such as respiration or tongue/lip strap. This chin operation is often paired with a rhinoplasty (aesthetic surgery of the nose), which will allow working on the integrality of the profile to recreate a certain harmony. This intervention is, in this specific case, called a profiloplasty.

Aix les bains implantologie dentaire

Genioplasty: Practical information

The genioplasty is a surgical technique recommended for people who have a chin facing backward or forward. In this case we refer to a weak chin, a turned-up chin or a chin that is too long. This kind of intervention can be realized on anyone who is 16 or older. It is necessary to wait for the facial bones to be fully developed before any type of surgery.

Chin surgery: objectives and principles

The genioplasty of reduction or advancement of the chin result in giving the face an harmonious appearance. The final outcome aims to look as natural as possible to guarantee the physical and psychological well being of the patient. This surgery relies on two distinctive surgical techniques. Indeed, depending on the case, it is possible to proceed to a bone section, also known as osteotomy, in which we put a chin implant. The technique used for the intervention is decided jointly with your practitioner from Clinique du Lac.

  • Genioplasty of the chin: before the intervention

Before the genioplasty, the Clinique du Lac’s specialists take the time to see every patient to explain the objectives and procedures of the intervention. They want to discuss everything with the patients to understand why the patient desires such operation and to respond to every question the patient may have.

Medical exams (radios, blood work…) are also done to allow the experts from the Clinique du Lac to best prepare for the surgery. Mentoplasty: type of anesthesia and hospitalization modalities The surgical operation of the weak or turned-up chin is done under a general anesthesia, in an operation room. The surgery lasts approximately 1h30, which varies depending on the surgical techniques used. After the surgery, the patient needs to stay at the Clinique du Lac for at least 24 hours.

  • Génioplasty: the intervention

The surgical intervention of the chin requires at first an incision by the oral mucous membrane. This technique allows no visible scar. The surgeon will, then, detach the bone from the dental root and fracture the bone. This allows him to move it the way he wants (forward or backwards). It is fixed with micro screws.

If the surgeon and the patient chose a chin implant, in the case of a weak chin surgery, the bone fracture is not necessary. A special prosthesis is then placed in the desired position and fixed with screws. Finally, the incision is sutured with resorbable threads, which will take 2 to 4 weeks to disappear.

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