The Clinique du Lac is a recent establishment created in compliance with 2005 decrees regulating the practice of cosmetic surgery.

The operators are medical doctors qualified as specialists in Plastic, Reconstructive and Cosmetic Surgery. The facility is open to all plastic surgeons who want to operate on their patients in a serene, specialist atmosphere.

The Clinic is dedicated solely to cosmetic medicine and to cosmetic surgery and does not receive patients who are ill, which limits the risk of nosocomial infections found in general hospitals.

The Clinique du Lac conforms to the most recent applicable standards making it possible for us to practice our profession under the best possible conditions.

Safety at the Clinique du Lac

Thanks to modern anaesthetic techniques (local anaesthetic with sedation, neuroleptanalgesia, general flash anaesthesia), the operations are conducted in total safety under ambulatory care, returning home quickly accompanied by a care worker, or staying one night at the facility or in one of the partner hotels of the Clinic, whichever is appropriate.

The anaesthetic doctor is on night standby. This method of anaesthesia, with deep sedation and relaxation, conducted by an anaesthetic doctor, limits the anaesthetic consequences and risks, and respects all functions of the patient, who quickly recovers his/her independence as a result.