Nymphoplasty – Labioplasty: Lip reduction

Labioplastia - Nymphoplastia

Small lips too developed bother you? Whether it is an aesthetic discomfort or a functional discomfort, this trouble is real for some women. This is why they consider a genital lips surgery. Cost, process of intervention, anesthesia… Here is all you need to know about nymphoplastia. 

What is labioplastia?

Labioplastia, also called reductive nymphoplastia, is an intervention that reduces the size of the small lips considered too prominent or correct an asymmetry. This hypertrophy of the small lips can appear during puberty, menopause or after giving birth. It is sometimes genetics. 

These kind of hypertrophic small lips are bigger than the bigger lips. Patients complain that their small lips are “hanging”. This can be a real complex that prevents wearing some clothing items (tight pants), underwear (thongs) or even a bathing suit. Beyond the aesthetic aspect, some women suffer from a functional discomfort: pain while walking or having sexual intercourse, the impossibility to practice some physical activities such as cycling, horse riding or rowing. 

Nymphoplastia: practical informations

Reductive labioplastia is done ambulatory by a plastic surgeon under potentiated anesthesia (deep local anesthesia). It lasts 45 minutes to 1 hour. 

It is recommended to wait after the full body growth before undergoing a genital lips surgery.

Surgery of the genital lips: objectives and principles

The nymphoplastia surgery gives a more harmonious look to the vulva by reducing the size of the small lips or by restablishing the symmetry. Patients regain their everyday comfort. Freed from their complex, they are more confident on their own skin and gain self-confidence. 


Labioplastia: before the intervention

At first, you need to make sure you meet with the plastic surgeon. During this meeting, he will talk with the patient about their desires, motivations and do a gynecologic exam. Hypertrophia, mucous membrane, asymmetry, hyperpigmentation… the practitioner examines all of these, draws a pre-operatory assessment and asks for a pre-operatory blood work. He explains to the patient with precision the surgery in mind, its process and the results of it. 

A personalized and detailed quote is given to the patient. It is the moment for her to ask all the questions. It is important to be aware of everything. The trust between the practitioner and the patient is extremely important, especially with these kinds of intimate surgeries. 

Before the surgery of the small lips, it is necessary to schedule an appointment with the anesthetist, 2 weeks before the intervention. 

Per usual, it is recommended to stop smoking and taking aspirin before a surgery. Regarding the shaving or waxing of the area, your practitioner at Clinique du Lac gives you all the details ahead of time. 

Nymphoplastia: type of anesthesia and hospitalization modalities

This operation is done ambulatory under a deep local anesthesia. The patient can go home at the end of the day.

Reducing of the lips: the intervention

During the labioplastia intervention, the patient is in the operating room in gynecologic position. The practitioner will follow the drawing of the planned resection, which he will practice using the longitudinal technique, which means he will cut in the length the excess of the cutaneous area of the small lips, without touching the mucous membrane area. Sutures are then applied using resorbable thread. The surgery is painless. The intake of classic analgesics is usually sufficient in the case the patient feels pain after the surgery. 

Regarding the consequences of the operation, the patient must follow the specific recommended guidelines to assure a good healing process: cleaning with foaming soap, minutious drying and applying a healing cream. Baths and tight clothes are banned. Approximately one month after the surgery, it is possible to get back to athletic activities and sexual intercourses.

Cost of the intimate lips surgery

You are considering a reductive labioplastia? At Clinique du Lac, cost starts at 2500€. Contact our teams to make an appointment with one of our experts.