Hyperhidrosis: Treatment of Excessive Sweating

Excessive Perspiration Treatment

When the natural phenomenon of sweat is so that it creates a real discomfort on an everyday basis. It is called hyperhidrosis. This excessive perspiration usually affects the armpits, but also hands and feet, the groin and the face. The Botox injections are a solution to regulate the excessive sweating. Explanations. 

What is hyperhidrosis?

Constant sweat pearls on the forehead, underarms rings, sweaty hands too slippery to hold the wheel… the excessive perspiration is very uncomfortable. It creates such embarrassment in society that the people who suffer from it find it to be a social handicap. By avoiding possible embarrassing situations some end up losing their self-confidence. Especially knowing that hyperhidrosis can generate other problems such as mycosis, warts or eczema. 

The sweating is a normal phenomenon that regulates the body temperature thanks to sweat glands. This is why perspiration happens when doing a physical activity, heat waves, fever or hormonal change. But when the patient abundantly sweats without apparent reasons, it can be localized hyperhidrosis or general hyperhidrosis. It is important to see a doctor who will find its cause and could recommend the right treatment. 

There are several anti-perspiration treatments: intake of medicine, the ionophoresis, the surgery (thoracic sympathectomy) in case of a severe hyperhidrosis, or botox injections (botulinic toxin). These give convincing results and are practiced at Clinique du Lac. 

Hyperhidrosis and treatment by Botox injections: objectives and principles

The hyper sweating, especially the one on the armpits, can be simply regulated and without risks caused by Botox. These under-cutaneous injections can relieve people who suffer from hyperhidrosis but wanting to limit their perspiration during specific events (interviews, prize ceremony…), or for example in prevision of summer. 

This treatment is appreciated for its efficiency for armpits perspiration, but also of hand palms, of the sole of the foot, of the face or of the scalp. The principle is simple: the botulinic toxin stops the secretion of sweat from the sweat glands by blocking the release of acetylcholine, a nervous system mediator. To treat an identified zone, injections are necessary. For example, to treat the armpits hyperhidrosis, you need 15 injections of each side. Each injection is realized in a square of approximately 2 cm of the side. This intervention is not really painful thanks to the thinness of the needle used. 

The effect of the Botox appears after 48 hours and intensifies in the following month. In general, the treatment must be repeated every 6 months at steady intervals.

Treatment of excessive perspiration: Practical information

The hyper sweating treatment by botulinic toxin injections is contraindicated for pregnant women or who breastfeed, people suffering from myasthenia or amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.
the Botox used for the treatment of the excessive perspiration is the same as the one used for the treatment of the wrinkles, but the zones of injections are different.

The hyperhidrosis: the intervention

This medical procedure is done in the doctor’s office at the Clinique du Lac and lasts approximately 20 minutes. It is not necessary to go under general anesthesia. Depending on the targeted zone, an anesthetizing cream will be applied one hour before the intervention. 

After the Botox injections, hematomas and a soft swelling can appear. They disappear after a few hours.

Cost of Botox injections for excessive perspiration

You are concerned by excessive perspiration and are interested in this treatment? The cost of a botulinic toxin syringe injection is 350€ (injection done by surgeon). During your consultation at Clinique du Lac, after having gone through the medical check up and discussed with the practitioner about what you want and your motivations, he/she will give you a personalized quote.